Thursday November 2, 2017

Post date: Nov 2, 2017 6:06:39 PM


Read 20 minutes

Gather ideas for Canadian Culture activity


Study for the math quiz tomorrow (Fri. Nov. 3) Percents, decimals & fractions


Upload any videos and/or photos from the Flight museum or our experiments to 61 Raw Footage folder

Check Google Classroom for information on our upcoming experiment (Balloon Rockets)


Watch the videos on the French website, Section F

Study for the French test tomorrow, Section F

Phys. Ed. & Health

Take home gym clothes to wash


Tell your adults about your line art


Assessment Tuesday for people who play drums, piano, keyboard

Instrumental: practise where your notes are

Band practise Nov. 7


Watch the videos on

Bring in a pair of headphones if you haven't already


Bring in signed permission & $ for Science presentations (blue forms)

Library trip Nov. 8

Photo forms due Nov. 7

Book orders due Fri. Nov. 10

Vote for 61 Student of the Month (OPTIMISTIC)

Extracurriculars (Optional)

Thunder sign up next Friday

Robotics meeting 2:30-4

Check for volleyball info