Monday November 6th, 2017

Post date: Nov 6, 2017 7:45:08 PM


Read 20 minutes.


Pg 116 number 2,3 and numbers every day


Check Google Classroom for information on our upcoming experiment (Balloon Rockets)


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Phys. Ed. & Health

Record what you eat through out the day on your worksheet and hand in Wed Nov 8


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Band practise Nov. 7


1. Updating your portfolio websites with all your subjects, 1 sentence about what you are doing, at least 1 picture

2. Watching ALL the videos for using the digital camera. Be ready to get tested next class.


Bring in signed permission & $ for Science presentations (blue forms)

Photo forms due Nov. 7

Library trip on Nov. 8 - dress for the weather

Book orders due Fri. Nov. 10

Vote for 61 Student of the Month (OPTIMISTIC)

Extracurriculars (Optional)

Thunder sign up next Friday

Robotics meeting 2:30-4

Check for volleyball info