What Makes 1D Better Than All Of My Blogs!!!!!!!!!!!

Post date: Jan 28, 2014 9:22:53 PM

Hi whats up, well if you can read my blog name so today I'm going to talk about 1D!!!!!! Well this blog makes it better because the people who LOVES 1D like me are BIG fans of them like me again. People like me will say how CUTE AND HOT are they. Even more cuter and hotter of them how they sign how cool are there tattoos are. I think how people like me are in LOVE with then is why because there just SO CUTE and there voice are just SOO cute and hot. Don't mind but tell me which is your favorite singer is mine is Zayn he is JUST SO CUTE! This blog is better than every blog that we did because teacher write it for us and sometime there is a little boring. And we can write about the things we LOVE about like me I LOVE 1D AND ZAYN. So yeah hope you love it!!!