How Did One Directions Got There Boy Band!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post date: Jun 14, 2014 12:49:53 AM

Hi guys today I'm going to talk about how did One Direction got there band to lets get started. You must be all wondering how one direction the band came together .Well today I am going to tell you.

So in 2008,Liam auditioned for x factor when he was 14 and he was rejected and told him to audition 2 years later. So then in 2010,Zayn, Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall all auditioned for the x factor and made it to Boot camp well after that they were rejected. Then there was this guy named Simon who put them in a boy band. After that they sung in front of the judges in the x factor. Then Harry came up with the name with ONE DIRECTION so that's how all of them are in this band.

X Factor Boy Band!

!! X Factor Boy Band!!