Feeling Bad Or Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post date: Dec 15, 2013 4:28:19 AM

Well the wish list I made I feel so bad for those people that don't have anything to get. If I was those people that had no money, home to live in but lives in the streets and had no food I would feel so bad and poor cuz you can't have fun like everyone else dose. Like really people they just want to have everything to there self. If I was them I would give all of my gifts to them cuz I have a home, money, and food but they don't. And give them food and some money. It doesn't make me thankful that I have a home, food, and money well it dose but I feel soo bad for them. Now I really want to make a new wish list that say pleas give everyone a home, money, food and more. This is now my new list but I still want my old list back to.