Wild Mustangs

Post date: Apr 16, 2014 2:03:58 AM

hi anyone who is reading my blog , today i am talking about wild mustangs. Well you might be thinking that you've heard that name , well i will give give you a hint . obvious its a car Ford mustang (duh!) , but thats so not what im talking about im talking about a horse . Wild mustangs are born , well i don't exactly know how but whatever. so wild mustangs live in the southern hemisphere (south american deserts) they are raised by their adults and taught every single thing they know from standing up to surviving alone in the desert . in a wild mustangs life surviving is the only thing that they have to keep an eye on , cause deserts are a place where the environment is filled with predators . Mustangs can live 5-7 years . there population has decreased over the past years and is almost extinct in south america . thanks for reading my blog .