The snow shoe hare

Post date: Feb 3, 2014 1:09:31 AM

Today im going to share some info about the snow shoe hare .

the snow shoe hare , also known as the (varying hare) lives in north America it is the only hare that can change its furs colour in summer its fur becomes brown ,so that it camouflagewith the brown leaves and the forest floor and in the winter its fur becomes white so that it can camouflage in the white winter snow , the snowshoe hare is named after its enormous big rounded feet which enable it to run at 16 kmh , the snow shoe hare's natura predator is the lynx , when snow shoe hare smells a hears or smells a predator it digs a hole in snow and dives inside , after the predator is gone the hare jumps out and wanders about to ke a lookout for danger , the snow snow shoe hares main diet in summer is vegetation , grass and leaves ,in winter the snow shoe hares main diet is bark and plant roots ,well this is all the informaton i know , thanks for reading my blog.