mandatory topic on blogs , comments on "same love" song .

Post date: Mar 30, 2014 1:08:57 AM

hello this is my 23rd blog and its a different topic , i don't actually want to but my grades depend on it so its on some song named "same love" and i have to write a blog commenting on my opinion on whats right and wrong . As you know even in animals theirs is a rule said that "A same sex marriage is not a marriage" , this is because god has made two sexes one male and one female and he has said in the Holy Quran ( a book in the religion named Islam ) that if any sex marries the same sex he will never be forgiven for the sin he has done until the day of resurrection ( the last day when everyone will die and god will take each persons habits and decide where to let him live in the afterlife , heaven or hell ) . It is also said in the Holy Quran that if someone is married the right way and one of them either male or female marries someone else without their other life long companion knowing it , on the day of resurrection they will be punished so hard which is that they will be hit by a strong man( not physically ) holding a long leather belt about the length of a small room and the belt will be so hard that the skin will rip of your body . This is why these things are wrong and are filled with sins and is pathway to hell . If you look at any animal none of them ever mates with the same kind because if they did the animal population to reproduce would be gone , and if you think about it and look closely at the words you read you will see that i wrote "reproduction would be gone" and that would lead human population to death and if you take some time to think you will see what would happen . Every life on planet earth would completely vanish!!! . Think about it , i have said "no" and you should too if you read this blog . the picture below is so wrong! , it should be like the one beside . see the difference

a happy life is with your real life companion . say "YES!"