leatherback turtle

Post date: Feb 10, 2014 4:28:18 AM

Hi , today im going to talk about the "leatherback turtle, the leather back turtle is also known as the lute turtle its the second largest turtle ever known to mankid , weighing at a whooping weight of 1000 pounds , when the mother lays her eggs she bury,s them in the sand to protect them from predators like crabs,seagles,ect. from that time onward the turtles are on there own , after about 5 to 12 days the eggs hatch , the turtles are born with a special tooth called an eggtooth ,they use it to break out of the eggshell ,as soon as the turtles hatch life is gone for some they might be lucky cause as soon as they hatch life is stuggle to live ,some might be eaten by crabs or some might be taken out by seagles and so . when some of the turtles get into the sea they might even be eaten by fish ! . since the turtles are safe they still have to struggle ,they live for about 150 years , the turtles main diet is jellyfish and seaweed the grow to about 2 meters and weigh as much as a car! when the female reaches its age it goes to the exact same beach were it was born and lay her eggs , and that is the life of a leatherback turtle , Thank You for reading my blog.