husky dogs

Post date: May 13, 2014 12:40:52 AM

hi,today Im going to talk about husky's. These dogs are very common in the northern regions of the world ,like in the northwest territories of Canada. husky's are very furry and fluffy after they are born, huskys are known as the eskimos used to call them and srill do "(huski)mo. The word eskimo actually is written with an H and U at the beginning of the word, so if you took out the E and put in an H and a U and also take out the M and O the word would be "huski". Husky's are known as the fastest and almost most powerful dog in the world, these dogs can sled weight of up-to 700 kilograms. These dogs have been used for go fishing and many other games like husky sledge racing and stuff.... Well that's all i have for today, thanks for reading my blog!