chicken (not the ones you eat)

Post date: Mar 26, 2014 12:15:12 AM

Hi today im going to be

talking about hens , well i didnt have any other topic in my mind so OK . A hen is born in an egg , the mother hen sits on her eggs for about 21 days until the eggs hatch , chicks often come out of the egg after two days later before the other chicks hatch . this is because chickens (hens) lay eggs on top of each other witch does not allow the eggs at the bottom to get the warmth and so they hatch later . The chicks learn the same behavior as their mothers and grows in to an adult in up to two weeks . Chickens are the most common bird known in the world and are used as pets , food resource and meat etc . Well this was all that you needed to know about chickens , Thanks for reading my blog .