Post date: Mar 18, 2014 10:25:19 PM

Hi , this is my twenty second blog that i typed and its about Chameleons!!! . Chameleons are amazing creatures they have so many special abilities to talk about like its unique color changing skin its long tongue and its amazing eyes . A chameleon hatches and is born in an egg , the size of a newborn chameleon is smaller than a ten year old child's thumbnail . Their are about one hundred and sixty different kinds of species from Cape Dwarf chameleon , Paddle nosed chameleons and so on . the picture below is a picture of a newborn chameleon . They have special eyes that allow it to see in two different locations at the same time , it uses this ability to spy on any hungry predators while it is feeding . If it spots any predators it will camouflage in with its environment so that it is unrecognizable . This special ability is far the most useful element of its body , it not only uses it for camouflage , but when a chameleon is angry or is trying to scare a creature away it will most commonly show darker colors such as red , purple , brown and black . A chameleon also has a tongue that it uses to hunt insects(like a frog) , the only difference is that a chameleons tongue is twice as long as itself . Chameleons have a terminal pad which is located on the tip of the tongue in a chameleon , it sticks bugs on it so that it does not have to move while hunting . Chameleons can shoot there tongue's in a time limit of up to 0.07 seconds , now thats fast . well that's all i know about chameleons , thank you for reading my blog .