Ronaldo's amazing cars.

Post date: Apr 3, 2014 11:17:57 PM

Hello guys today I am going to be talking about Ronaldo's car if your wondering who C.Ronaldo is he is amazing football/soccer player.. And he has sick cars.

1.BMW m6. Worth.:$120,000 6.Lamborghini Worth:$318,000. .c gtc Worth:$195,000 7.buggatti veyron. Worth:$ 1.700.000

3.mercedes Benz Worth::$55,000. So this is a little about C.Ronaldo's cars he has a lot of mor car probably like 20

4.porsche cayenne Worth :$70,000. By Now but I can't tell you all of them there is just to much and guys did you know

5.Ferrari 399. Worth :$310,000. That C.Ronaldo has spent over 4 million $ on just to buy cars .ok so that is it for Q7. Worth :$50,000. Today tune in for next time.