Federal disaster declared for a checimal spill in west Virginia

Post date: Jan 10, 2014 4:49:03 PM

A chemical spill in west Virginia, this happened on January,9, 2014 this was shocking for the people that had to hear this,this chemical spill has contaminated tap water now almost 100,000 people were told not to bathe ,brush,or use the tap water and also not to wash clothes.The spill caused many state's,capital cities to shut down .A lot of schools were shut down even restaurant were shut down due to the chemical spill.Grocery store ran out of water because a lot of people bought water for the store to keep them surviving form this disaster.I feel bad so bad for the people that have to go through this tragic.If i were someone living in west Virginia and suffering from this i would leave west Virginia and go somewhere else so i can live happy and not suffer from this , i hoped you liked reading my world issues blog..

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