Scary Stuff & Abdullah

Post date: Jan 24, 2014 12:22:30 AM

What am I scared of:



Dark(Inside really big houses)

Cockroaches(touching them)

If someone comes up to me with a gun




Malls get me really bored

What will make me do all these stuff?

Bees and hives:I would touch a bee or touch there hive if I only get paid $

Snakes:If I get paid $

Dark: I would go into a huge dark house if I get paid $

Cockroaches: If I get paid $

If someone comes up to me with a gun: I would run or call the cops

Stalkers: If someone follows me home and stalks me I will call the cops or play FIFA so if I win he can't stalk me any more or if I get paid $

Wars: I would never join them but if I get paid $ I will run away with the money

Robbers : I would call the cops

Malls : They just get me really bored

My reaction when I saw Insidious and Paranormal