Questions You Might Say and Ask To The Teacher (part 1)

Post date: May 1, 2014 12:39:57 AM

"Can I go to the washroom"

"Can I take a drink"

"What does this mean"

"He/She is so annoying"

"Why is this like this"

"What does this mean"

"Why is this here"

"What do I do now"

"Can I please click"

"Can I please read"

"Am I in trouble"

"Oh I want some"

"Pick Me Pick Me Pick Me PICK ME"

"Why is my name there"

"Can I do it"

"I am so tired"

"Where is my test"

"I'm here"

"Do I have to"


"Ohhh Me me me me me"

"This is hard"

"This is easy"

"This is medium"

"This is so exhausting"

"I have done this"

"I can"

"What did I get"

"I want to go"

"I'm done"

"Take my agenda"

"This is so frustrating"

"I hate this so much"

"May I please go to the office my finger is "bleeding"

"I know!!"

Now you probably saying, I'm wrong. WELL I'M NOT! Everyday I hear the same words. It's also another way to get in trouble