FC Bayern vs R.Madrid(Match Pre-view)

Post date: Apr 24, 2014 1:42:10 AM

This match was intense. REALLY INTENSE!!!!!

First goal from Benzema at the 19' minute led R.Madrid to the lead, but as Bayern kept on getting chances they kept on missing. Casillas was playing today so that one reason why R.Madrid won or else they should have won. But as Pep Guradiola was getting mad Bayern kept gaining chances. At the 90' minute, Muller would take a chance to dive in the crease for a penalty for the tie. NEW NEYMAR?????????????? Just joking no one can have better diving skills than Neymar. Today the all-star line-up was on today,Thank God!!!!!! Hope you get what I'm talking about SEE YA TOMORROW!!!!!