Same Love By Macklemore

Post date: Mar 27, 2014 1:51:15 AM

Namaste and welcome to the indian blog. Today i will talk about lyrics from the song "Same Love". This post is to express how i feel about it. The lyrics to the song is very "strong" i could say because it deals with the sensitive subject of "Homophobia" meaning that people have hatred for 'gay' people. The song relates to my blog by the fact that i go by the motto "without fear, without hate" which has been chanted by many north Indian people from Punjab including inspirational comedian: Lilly Singh. The same goes for my blog where everyone is treated without fear and hate even though i am naturally vicious (for good reasons.....sometimes)! I also NEED to say that everyone is human!!! If you can be friends with people of other religions, you could be friends with people of other ways of life! Its a simple thing that many people do not think about!!! Thanks for reading to what i have to say. PEACE!!!!!