My Pet Pigeons Laid Eggs

Post date: Mar 25, 2014 12:09:07 PM

Namaste and welcome to the Indian blog. Today I have exiting news. My pet pigeons Ganga(female) and Vishnu (male) have made a nest for the first time and have started laying eggs! One day 2 years ago I found a badly injured mourning dove outside my grandparents back door. My dad made a 2x2x2 foot birdhouse to keep the dove in. After we released it months later, I introduced my two pigeons to it and ever since I have been trying to get them to nest in it. So just a week ago they had started to place twigs and string into a neat but flimsy nest on the "nesting" shelf inside the cage. On Sunday the first egg was laid!!! They always had to leave the egg alone to get food so i placed some seed inside the the house. Then yesterday at around 7:12 pm she laid the second egg. Now we just have to wait 14-18 days before i make a post about the babies!!!