All about Neem-also known as the Margosa Tree

Post date: Feb 24, 2014 12:14:49 AM

Namaste and welcome to the indian blog. This blog post is all about the Neem tree. The other names are: Margosa, Vempu, Muarubaini, Limda, "miracle tree", and Azadirachta Indica. The Neem tree is originally from India but has spread to almost every other tropical country. Neem has helped many people around India and Africa as a medicine against malaria and dengue. The oil and fresh leaf juice of this plant can kill and deter most pest insects. Neem leaves and fresh berry-like fruits are sometimes cooked in dishes in India and Thailand, Even though the leaves are EXTREMELY bitter. The leaves, stems, and fruits are REALLY good for health and are recommended to be consumed as a vitamin daily. In India the neem is regarded as a very special tree because it is used in lots of religious ceremonies and is considered as the symbol of a goddess. If you get neem seeds to plant, you better harvest them yourself and plant them within 30 days, after 30 days "fresh" neem seeds will lose their life and cannot become plants. You can say that Neem seeds have an "expiry date''.