Super storm sandy

Post date: Jan 10, 2014 4:48:57 PM

Hi guys you probably know who i am just in case you don't know i am Emil. And i will be typing about a horrible disaster that hit New York and kind of hit Toronto. On October 24 2012 there was a Hurricane., the name was Hurricane Sandy. it devastated New York. and 280 people died o to the m to the g that's allot. It even destroyed a roller coaster {} _ {}. The hurricane started of of just a wave until BALM!! In 6 hours the insane winds came 74 mph. The winds traveled 820 miles. After that storm 7.5 million people were without electricity. The cost was 62 billion. There was a lot of destruction along Atlantic coast. So lesson learned be prepared for an hurricane anywhere you go be prepared. so that's my presentation hope you enjoyed