Nelson Mandela

Post date: Jan 10, 2014 4:48:52 PM

Nelson Mandela wow he was a great leader born in the Madiba clan Mvezo, Transkei July /18 /1918 nelson Mandela was a true leader he carried about what his people think. And cared about his people nelson Mandela is a Honorable ,brave ,honest and carefully ,brilliant and kind . All those words add up to nelson Mandela he is an inspiration to this world . He guide us threw life he threw his own life away for the rights . He spent 27 years in prison . Nelson Mandela let people know they could fight for what they believe in . He wanted to change the world believe me he did

I believe spirit of nelson Mandela still lives beneath us all the things he done us such like stop racism the most important thing if nelson didn't stop the racism then the terrible things woman in Africa would have stayed home and clean cook and some times work no education . In till finally on person did nelson Mandela . Nelson didn't just racism in Africa but all around the world . nelson was born to inspire and protect the laws and the rights between south Africa and the world nelson Mandela will stay in are hearts and he will live us forever . RIP NELSON MANDELA