Post date: Jan 29, 2014 2:27:44 AM

Hello readers yes i am back with stars gossip lets talk about Justin getting arrested . Whoo that was a meltdown did you know he was assessed for drink, smoking and street driving he rented one yellow Lamborghini . Believe it Justin was driving with a expired license and was charged for holding drugs in the car and swearing at the police . Justin also got charged $2,500 for license expired drinking and driving smoking and swearing at the cops.

Things Justin did

  • was street driving with with friends Khalil Sharief and model Chantel Jeffries
  • charged $ 2,500
  • Justin said he's been smoking all day
  • was going up '55 to 60 mph' in a 30 mph zone
  • guess what Bieber's father Jeremy, 38, was at the drag race scene in a separate car.

whoo a young 19 year old pop star would do this all in one day.