Being different is not a crime, it's just... you.

Post date: Mar 29, 2014 10:08:06 PM

Being different isn't a thing you should put in your heart at the very bottom of everything. Being different is a thing you should be proud of and if somebody goes against you, you stand up for yourself. When people see homosexuals, they react very fast and say a lot of things they shouldn't be saying. Same Love is a very effective song on others be cause the song tells them they shouldn't be feeling guilty of being themselves, they should be proud of being the person they are and they are not living on other people's opinions. One of my favourite lines from the song Same Love is, "Live on and be yourself." This is a very special line because it just tells you to live by being yourself not by living on other's opinions. When you say something effective to others, they feel like they're always doing the wrong thing and that they shouldn't listen to their own self, it just means you're right and I'm always wrong. You say something like "Dude, that's so gay", and they hear "Stop doing that, you're wrong and I'm right. Listen to me only. Don't do what you want to do, only do what I say." These words can affect the person very quickly. The words go in as fast as a drop of water takes to reach the ground(very fast). So don't do it. Just go on with your own life and stop poking your nose in others. Great people have made many perspectives change, but maybe the perspectives just need one moving song.


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