Quote #7

Post date: Apr 24, 2014 12:38:50 AM

This quote is very important as for it is Earth week. We have controlled the earth with our pollution, garbage, and horrible litter. Innocent animals are suffering our carelessness and ignorance to planet earth. Stop the littering and do the right thing. Do not destroy the lives of other living things and the earth with your garbage and foolishness. Garbage goes in a particular bin that gets safely delivered to the landfill without access garbage just lying on the ground. Reuse, reduce, and recycle. The three R's which make saving the earth from pollution and litter much simple for us human beings. So follow these rules and be a better citizen of the planet.


Riddle #7- Your mother's brother's only brother-in-law is asleep on your couch. Who is asleep on your couch?