Kindness Changes Everything!!

Post date: Nov 19, 2013 10:34:51 PM

I've never had this time when I was ever treated differently about how I looked or how I had trouble with anything, but sometimes I would think to myself of how my life would be different if I were another person who was being treated differently. I think a good way to make somebody's day is to help them in anything, just anything, who knows they might be having a very rough day and they're frustrated and annoyed and they just want to go home.. You could make their day by helping them them with smallest things, like lending them a pencil or playing with them at recess, maybe even making them laugh. If you make someone's day, then you yourself will feel good on the inside too. Maybe you could help someone who has dropped their crayons, and you could assist them to pick the crayons up too. I feel that the only way you could do to a person who is having a bad day, is to just be kind. You never know that maybe you were kind to somebody and that person passed it on to someone else and it could be passed around the whole world and we would have a very kind planet. :)