YOLO. Good or Bad Advice?

Post date: Jan 6, 2014 2:17:38 AM

I have too much to say about this topic . However since I have to get some sleep, I'll only talk to you guys about the main idea of the "motto" as some people call it. YOLO to me, isn't bad advice and honestly it isn't good advice either. Let us begin with how it is good advice . As you probably may know YOLO stands for "YOU Only Live Once" and it is true . Unlike cats, sadly we only have one life . We don't always get second chances and really there is no time to regret the things we've done . But worst of all, if we get an opportunity that we end up not taking, for me, that's as bad as it gets. Something YOLO is trying to say is that life will throw so many things at you, maybe too many. Whether they're opportunities or tests, you can't always dodge them and run away. Take a risk and try something new. Get out of your comfort zone .So don't spend your life with your hands crossed, blocking every chance you get. You never know, opening them might change your life . I always like to stick with the positive, but this motto has it's downside . Another thing that YOLO is trying to teach us is that live today like it's your last day. Do every that's wrong that you wanted to do. No one is watching, so I might a s well have a sip of that beer. Oh, and I probably should go talk to these guys I've never met before and if they offer me cigarette, might as well take it. YOLO right ? No. Not right. You should never get caught in these words that you THINK are giving you the right kind of message , that these WORDS are telling you the right thing to do. That's just what I think . If you want to hear more of my opinions, come back every week for a new blog post. I hope you guys have the greatest first day of school and....... Over and Out!