How Kindness Changes Everything.

Post date: Oct 28, 2013 2:33:23 AM

Last week's assembly on how kindness changes everything really inspired me and got me thinking about a time where kindness affected me in a good way. One speaker that I really enjoyed listening to is the man who came last and ended the show. Something that he said was that "at school, we're forced to wear this mask that hides who we really are.Sometimes we feel like we really need to take it off, but we can't and it can get really difficult". This really speaks to me because I see people all around me pretending to be someone their not. I think the meaning of kindness is someone or something that turns your day around. Something that makes you smile instead of frown. Last, but not least, something that makes you fell happy again, that makes you feel like you can keep going no matter what people say. I think kindness is the reason why people live another day. I think that for the reason being, everyday something can upset you, can make you feel like you don't belong. However kindness comes walking by and shows you that someone out there understands you and appreciates you, so you think to yourself "hey, I am amazing at many things and it was just one comment". What can I say? Kindness is a beautiful thing.