Steps to Creating Your Very Own Poem

Post date: May 1, 2014 2:29:13 PM

You hear this amazing poem or song or even tune , and you think , " How on Earth do they do this , create this amazing pleasure for us all to listen to . Well right now , this second , I'll try my very best to give you the steps to making your very own poem . YAY! This process can either be extremely difficult or very simple and quick , it just depends on how confident you feel . The first step to think of a topic you feel strongly about . However , you must assure that you can explain everything about the topic ( not necessary to have in the actual poem ) . After picking what you will be beginning to write about , think of a line that resembles your topic and make sure to write it down somewhere that your won't forget . This line doesn't have to become your first sentence . Although the statement or line you just wrote down can be the first one , if and only if it'll grab your audience by the neck and tell them to listen up man , cause you have got something important to say . You can just begin by writing down a sentence , then another . Those sentences don't have to rhyme with one another , however doing so will add a great flavor to your poem . After writing the first paragraph , write another and then another . You should probably make sure that you don't trail off to another universe and write about something completely different . Make sure to say on topic . After finishing up your few verses , as us poetry people like to call it , seep rate them into short lines to make sure you have the proper poetry format . As you do in all essays or assignments , after you accomplish the task of actually writing the poem , you need to go through. The editorial stage . The reason why you do this is because at some point you will write a word that you're trying to rhyme that doesn't even rhyme with the line before . Or you remember an amazing line that You must write and you haven't added before .this process doesn't take much time . It's actually very fun to see the amazing the writing piece you cane up with . I assure you that it will be an amazing feeling . Lastly, it's to present . I think it's the best part because the only thing better than feeling good about yourself is others telling you more things that make you feel even better about yourself . Don't get me wrong , I don't want to force you to write a poem , but the experience will surely be exhilarating . Trust me with this , after all I have a done a time or two myself . If you have any questions or ideas of what poetry related things I should talk about , there's a comment section waiting to be filled .