The Perfect Thanksgiving Meal!

Post date: Oct 12, 2013 1:15:35 PM

Thanksgiving is a special day to show our families how much we care. However, you can't forget the real reason everyone in the universe loves thanksgiving.... they love it for the food! While I don't celebrate thanksgiving, I do love me some turkey. I think the perfect thanksgiving meal will look and sound a little something like this. A medium sized yet glistening turkey filled with your mom's famous stuffing, that she will never tell you how to make. You might be wondering where the sides are. Well my friend, I leave the best parts for last. Your brother sets on the table a variety of different sides, including the most delicious mashed potatoes that has it's own side of gravy. The corn lights up the room as your grandfather reaches in to get a taste. How can I forget about the sautéed beans. Your family friend gives a comment. " I just love how well their seasoned " That's an honor coming from her. She's a real picky eater. Your whole family finishes off the meal with some homemade and freshly baked brownies and some tasty vanilla ice cream. Now that would be my perfect thanksgiving meal.