Talent Show!

Post date: May 28, 2014 11:20:12 PM

The talent show is one of my favourite events all year in school. It gives all the ladies and gentlemen that weren't able to boast about their amazing talents an opportunity to do so now. You might be thinking that I, Sama maybe doing a poem or a speech because I love to write and preform. Well, you people are absolutely wrong because I will not be doing that at all. It would have been great to do so, however I had something even better in mind. Since, yes, I do love to preform, I will be auditioning to host the whole talent show. I've always wanted to sort of narrate all the amazing things that happen on stage, therefore, I wish to do a fabulous job at my audition. The reason why I love the talent show is because in a way, you et a chance to discover so much about your school and even more about your fiends. Additionally, love to hear people dance and to see others sing and my favourite of them all, hear people try to rap and beat box but of course, fail miserably. I'm in no position to say that all of us suck at it, bust sadly, it's the truth. So comment below what a talent of yours is and if you will be showcasing it on our very own talent show.