Speech Competition

Post date: May 28, 2014 11:09:58 PM

You might be thinking why on Earth are we hearing about a silly speech competition? Well because, of course, I entered into one a few weeks ago and poetry is what helped me get through it and go on to further than the first stage. As you may know, every year the peel district school board has a speech competition around every year. It's called Excellence in Eloquence and it's a wonderful and exciting experience that is worth every second of every minute. The reason why I decided to join and try it for the first time was because (1) I love to write and that feeling when you finish that amazing writing piece you just created from one little word (2) because I want to get more experience presenting in front of audiences and (3) because I got to get an awesome chance to preform a little bit of poetry to weird strangers that would compliment me afterwards. And what an adventure it was. I got to do so much and have so much fun in less than 3 minutes. No, I did not win, however I think I did pretty well for a twelve year old and I was extremely content with all the hard work I have done. Plus, now I know that with poetry, I can do whatever I want to do and go wherever I want to go because it's that much of a part of me and I love it. After my presentation, one of the audience member had come up to me and said that she loved that bit of poetry I added in there and that, my speech was amazing. That woman turned my whole day upside down and she made me so proud of myself ad what I have done. So, thank you to that woman out there, and I am so sorry for not remembering your name.