Phil Kaye

Post date: Feb 14, 2014 4:06:56 AM

My last blog post was on an amazing poet by the name of Sarah Kay. However this blog post is about Phil Kaye . Phil Kaye is another moving poet. You may have realized that both Phil and Sarah have identical last names. No, they are not related. Nor are they married and they've never dated, so if you ever meet them, don't ask . They have the most incredible story of how they met. It all started in talent show, a collage orientation. It all began with an iPod not playing, a song that stopped to work . Both Phil and Sarah were going to preform spoken word poetry, in Brown University. Phil decided to walk up to Sarah in his tacky sweater. But let me tell you where it didn't begin, in 5th grade summer camp. However, they were both there . They must have crossed paths or not have seen each other. The instructor thought they were cousins, or sister and brother. Anyway, they started to talk, and as every conversation progressed, they found out all these little and big things that they had in common.... and believe me they had so much more in common then you would think . It was like, magic.....however without the bunnies. Phil was born and raised in California, while Sarah in New York City. Both their mothers are Japanese and both their fathers are Jewish. They would always say that it was a different combination, but still kind of cute . You may think tat that's crazy, but wait for it. I'm going to knock your socks off . Sarah has a 19 year old brother, younger than her, and his name is Phil. While on the other hand, Phil has a younger sister, 19 years of age , and crazy enough my friends, her name is Sarah . I noticed that your mouths just dropped. They do have an incredible and weirdly similar story. You know, what are the chances, that you would find someone so perfect for you? As said in a poem written and recited by both Sarah and Phil, " What are the chances that you'll find someone, who knows not to just lend you a hand, or an ear, when you need them to lend you their spine ? " They also mentioned something that really got to me , " It didn't begin with us. It began with, Mario and Luigi or Sherlock and Watson . They could tell you what a miracle this is. They could tell you how rare this is." It's true the chances of finding someone that special to you are slim . Yet they did, and with that inspiration, comes the very best poetry.