My Favorite Poems

Post date: Apr 17, 2014 3:08:36 AM

Despite what people may think , poems are just like human beings . We come in different shapes and sizes . We are all created by different people . We all bring a different purpose to the world . However, just like people , there are some I like more than others . I'm kidding . But seriously , there are poems that make you feel that you are the only living thing in the world and that no matter what , for those 3 minutes , nothing will ever happen , you won't go wrong again , and no more mistakes will be made . Some poems make you feel that you've now learned everything you need to know about life . That shows , the amount of morals one poem can have . My favourite poems have the characteristics : Humorous, well-worded, great expression and gives you some sort of an incredible feeling . One of my all time favourite poem was created by my older sister entitled , " Dear Child." It spoke of a dead man saying his last words to a kid , that doesn't have a great understanding of life itself and how there are times when you can doubt yourself and times where you feel like you have to quit , and that doesn't, in anyway, mean that you're a loser or a person that doesn't know their way around life . All it means is that you have a few things to figure out . The reason why I love this poem is because at my age , so many of us can relate to it in different ways , and that there will always be people out there , who care so much about you that they will take all the time in the world to help you find your way .