Love Actually

Post date: May 1, 2014 3:11:40 AM

Love actually is one of the most amazing poems I've ever heard. And like most of the things I enjoy about poetry is was created by Phil and Sarah Kaye/Kay. This was just another one of their fabulous spoken word poems. It talks about a love story between two people. It speaks of the things we imagine love would be like and how life isn't a wish granting factory. ( The Fault in Our Stars reference ) This poem is absolutely right . We always imagine our life to be the most perfect place , where we fall in love , and have children that shine like the stars . I'm in no position to say that this will never happen . However it's very unlikely that all things you want in life will come true . You may be thinking that , hey , I'm in the sixth grade , what do I know about love ? Well this poem is more than just a love story . It's a guide . It was created by these amazing poets to let you know that you can plan out the perfect girl or the perfect guy for you . But , unexpectedly , you will fall in love with the totally wrong person . Take your family members for example , truthfully , how often do you get along ? Not a great percentage . Even though you bicker and fight and kick each other's butt , you'll always love them from the moon and back , because they are who your are meant to be with . One of my favourite sentences from Love Actually stated,, " Maybe love is not ready for you , maybe you are not ready for love . Maybe love stays and maybe love can't , maybe love shouldn't . " It leaves you speechless . It practically says it all . Sometimes you need to be a patient grasshopper and wait for love to come to you . You'll have days where you dread everything that you know because you feel that you need someone to hold . Believe it or not they are out there , maybe not as perfect as you imagined , but better . Maybe not love , but life will give you a friendship that you can't ever forget . Some of us are so strongly implanted into each others brains and hearts , that we do have that kind of friendship . I'll tell you know that it's one of the best ones .