Like Sister, Like Sister

Post date: Mar 18, 2014 2:55:41 AM

Most of you know the love and passion I have for not only poetry, but for writing and presenting in front of large and small audiences . However, you can't have an end without a beginning. In other words, we all have inspirations and reasons to why we want to become a certain person or have certain job. There are always reasons for things that we do. Whether it's to show gratitude to someone or something, or to be remembered. Yet sometimes, it's just for the fun of it. When I was younger, I was always just a little shy. I was never able to tell someone how i really feel because of the fear that they'd look at me differently. But when it comes to poetry, I don't have to think about anything. I can always convey my feelings. You are not always speaking directly to someone , so it's much easier not to be afraid and make a run for it. It's much easier to relax and let your mouth do the talking, not your brain, which is always telling you to panic. As I was saying, I wasn't just born and right then and there, I decided, I loved poetry and I would pursue it for the rest of my life. Honestly until grade 3, I didn't even know of this so called " poetry," but my sister sure did . I walked in on her reciting her very first and incredible spoken word poem . Words couldn't describe how amazing her voice , her expression and her poem it's self was. Which is ironic , you know , because I'm a poet , and words are basically my life . I got these goosebumps , and this incredible urge to write one myself , and so I did. To be truthful it wasn't as amazing as my older sister described it, but she showed me that there was a universe out there waiting to be discovered . I didn't understand how to say what I wanted to say, and just let all of those words in my head spill out until I was introduced to poetry. Since then, I've become a braver more confident me . However, what would happen if my sister wasn't here ? Honestly I can't imagine a life without her. I wouldn't be the strong ( I'm not that strong ), smart ( not as smart ) and confident person I am today. Sometimes I do these stupid things to her that I think are smart at the time, but really they aren't. I now realize that I would never have achieved what I have achieved if it wasn't for her help, if it wasn't for her telling me that that's not smart or that I'd make the team no matter how much I suck at that activity. So before I say goodbye, I'd like to apologize my dear, beloved sister for the dumb things that I have done and for the dumb things that I have yet to do, because without you , I am just another ant walking by waiting to be stomped on . You are my inspiration . You always have been , and trust me, you always will be .