Last Blog Of The Year

Post date: Jun 23, 2014 3:04:43 AM

Okay, to be truthful this might be the last blog of year but it also may not be, depending on if I want to make another one or if I'm forced to. So for now, let's pretend it is the last blog. This entire journey we like to call grade six has been absolutely intriguing and plain old fun and amazing and....everything. Teachers always tell you at the beginning of the year that they are so glad to have us here and that you will be enjoying your time every single ,minute of every single day. But it honestly isn't the real truth. I've had years that sucked more than drinking hot water on a warm summer day and years that were as boring as watching your sisters play video games when you could be the one playing. However, for some reason, whatever it may be, this year was different. After being used to having school be nothing but school, I didn't expect much out of the grade six year. I didn't expect that it would change my life. Now, hold your horses Sama, a grade six school year changing your life? Don't you think you are over reacting a little. I might be, but it really has. It might be because I had a teacher like no other. One that taught me to never say no to a challenge because all challenges are just road blocks in life that lead you to ice cream and happiness, but the last time I recalled they were the same thing. One that taught us to live outside the "me world" because there was another world out there that was more magical and less self centred that made life so much easier. She also taught us to keep life simple and to use everything around us and that one day we will all change the world because we are all more than capable of doing so. One that was absolutely...remarkable. Maybe it was the friends that always had my back....full of water that is. Ones that showed me the definition of fun because before them I was what I like to call mature. Ones that were always standing in corners with arms wide open when it was too difficult to hold the tears. Ones that always came with bikes uninvited. Ones who learned every single one of my passwords and ones who sprayed me with my own hose when I wasn't doing the same to them and ones who taught me how to look at life with my eyes facing up and forward because looking down on the ground is way too depressing. Ones who brought life to the word living and any word for that matter because what's better than hearing your friend scream instead of talk, run instead of walk and soar through the sky instead of just flying. Maybe it's that feeling when you wake up and really feel excited to go to school. Crazy, I know but it's happened to me before. And maybe it's that overwhelming feeling when you look all around you, stare everyone square in the eyes and can't help but...SMILE!