Going by the Rules

Post date: May 15, 2014 2:05:20 AM

Let's face it people , I am a goody too shoes , and dare I say , very proud to be one. I feel that there is only one rule to go by and that is to follow all the rules , as simple as that. I wouldn't do the wrong thing if my life depended on it . I've always thought that doing the right thing will help you achieve so much more than not. And so I committed my life to listening to everyone and forgetting about a so called being rebellious. However the truth is that I was absolutely incorrect about incorrect. Living a life where all you do is the right thing would not be called living . Your basing your whole life spam on what others think you should do. You've never tried to speak up and use your opinion because you feel it doesn't matte. Now Sama , where on earth did you get these wise words from ? I know this is crazy and your probably never saw this coming , but I learned to change what I thought was the concept of life with the hell of poetry. Every year in all my English classes , I noticed that they always taught us to write poems in a certain kind of way. For example haiku had to have a certain amount of sentences of else they wouldn't be called haiku. I don't mean to offended Shakespeare's sonnets or other poets but all those poems taught you was to always follow what everyone else is doing. Formal poetry is amazing , but I prefer the kind of poetry where you get to be free. Where you have the opportunity to create a poem that's extremely short but still make it sound like heaven. Where you can write a poem so long but never even get close to losing your audience's attention . Where one line , or even one word will turn someone's whole day around. You can become lawyers , doctors or even comedians but listening to spoken word poetry will truly make you the happiest person alive. The words will make you cry at the most random times of the day . The power of poetry is incredible. Especially spoken word poetry ... No offence Shakespeare , you're a great man. I'm not just saying this because poetry is my topic , but seriously hearing someone recite a poem will be one of those unforgettable moments. Those moments will just make you smile.