Post date: May 22, 2014 11:25:06 PM

Some people find it difficult to express their emotions and the way they feel, for the soul reason that they'll embarrass themselves. They feel that no matter how important something they have to say is, it doesn't even matter. What I think is that the statement that I just displayed out for all you is absolutely ridiculous. It is true, but ridiculous. The act of stopping yourself from expressing your opinion and the way you feel is, and bare with me on this, ludicrous. I have no intend to be sexist, however it is normally boys who feel that way, sometimes girls, but usually boys. I imagine it's because they are afraid to loose their manliness which is actually extremely stupid. If someone is hurting your feelings, don't feel embarrassed or let it go, express yourself, and show what you feel because it's important. I learned how to do that with the use of poetry. Poetry puts all that bottled up emotion into beautiful verses that get others to understand the way you think, or what you feel. And believe it or not, it gets you to understand yourself and what you feel because your'e as important as anyone else on this planet. Somehow poetry lets you discover so much about yourself that you probably didn't know before. It's a pretty amazing feeling feeling. So the next time you feel stressed or in a need to tell someone that you deserve to be treated better tell them or better yet write a poem about it because while you do so, so much will come out of it. I can promise you that. Remember emotions don't need to be something you keep inside. Embrace they you feel, love it and if all goes well, write a poem about it.