B.Y.O.D.Yes? No? Maybe So?

Post date: Nov 12, 2013 3:21:55 AM

I think BYOD is going to change many things, some in a good way and some in a bad way. Something good that will come out of BYOD is how much simpler and easier it's going to be to take notes. We normally need to waste paper everyday just to take one note for every subject. It would be great to have a computer or an iPod in hand so we can type the note quickly and go on with class. Something else that BYOD is good for is that it's quick. I'm in grade six and my teachers don't have time to finish up what they need to teach us. Now if you were in grade eight, well maybe the teacher will never be able to finish the lesson. However BYOD gives us a chance to speed up everything by letting us work in a very fast pace, which means teachers have more time to complete what they need to teach us. Some bad that comes with BYOD is that the students at RTMS will get so used to technology that's all they'll be using. I mean they use laptops at home, at night, in the morning and now at school too. What kind of world will we live in if in ten years, all we use is technology and electricity? Next thing you know, teenagers will be texting each other, sitting an inch away. BYOD will change how we work in class because instead of papers we'll be using screens and keyboards instead of pencil cases. We'll still be using our books, but I think we will be using our electronic devices a bit more . I don't really think it will change much at home except that we will be doing more projects on our tablets or laptops and unfortunately someone might lose their device and come back home pretty upset. Overall BOYD has it's pros and cons. I think it's a great idea to let kids explore and get involved in activities in a different way.