BYOD Rules

Post date: Jan 31, 2014 3:54:48 AM

We talked about the positives and negatives of BYOD, but just to make sure we are all on the same page, let's go over the rules of BYOD:

1. Peel Distract School Board and Ruth Thompson Middle School are not responsible for any electronics that become lost or broken, or even stolen

2. We use our devices for school purposes only (during classes)

3. You are not allowed to use your devices during a test or a quiz

4. You can't bring out your device during lunchtime

5. Devices can be used before and after school for games

6. A teacher must allow you to use your device before you use it

7. You can use your devices for research

Those are basically all the BYOD rules that you need to know. Make sure to follow them or there will be consequences like detention and other bad things that you wouldn't want to get into. I hope you understood all the rules and that now you know how and when to use your electronic device.