20 Sama - Life is Nothing Without a Little Poetry

This is a place to relax. A place where you can listen to amazing and inspiring stories about poets and poetry. I don't mean to say that all that you will hear in these blog posts are boring and sad stories. Yes, I might make you cry a little, but I'll also make you laugh, scream and I will definitely try my best to make you smile. We don't get enough of that everyday. So I promise you, that by the end of every week, you'll have a little happiness inside of you.I love poetry more than anything. I not only love writing poetry, but I love reading it and I am amazed each time I hear someone reciting a poem. Poetry makes me feel in ways that not a single word can explain. Poetry is a place where being different isn't all that crazy. Where anyone's dream can come true, no matter how big or small, all by the power of a so called.. YOU. So go ahead, don't be afraid to try to write a poem yourself. I'll make sure to give you advice on what you should do, if your brave enough to try something new. Did you see how that rhymed? Cool, right? What can I say? Poetry is everywhere!

Hello RTMS. My name is Sama and this is all about me. I love writing poetry and writing in general. It's a hobby of mine. Not only that, I also love to speak in front of big and small audiences because it gives me the chance to express myself and lets others get to know me. Plus someone might see me and I'll become famous and have a lot of money. Just kidding. My favourite subjects are Language Arts because, well, I just explained why, and Physed because I love to move around and play. Speaking of Physed, my favourite sports are floor hockey and soccer. I play them because I enjoy it and because I get to be competitive for a while with some friends. My ultimate favourite foods are Fettuccine and chicken because they are absolutely delicious. I enjoy spending my time reading books. I am interested in the author John Green, who is an amazing writer. I am interested in becoming a journalist one day becomes it gives me a chance to travel and to discover so much about the world. That was basically all about myself and I hoped you enjoyed it. Over and Out!

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