Winter Break...

Post date: Jan 7, 2014 7:08:28 PM

I did many things! But I am going to put it in The days I days I did it:

Friday: Stayed home and "helped" my mom cook for the party the next day

Saturday: Had a party with Family Friends and straightened my hair for the first time (I did it before but I rather Burned my Ear or it was more of a wavy then Straight)

Sunday: Free all day (It was cold)

Monday: Watched the Bollywood Movie of the Year and walked all over square one (it was really Fun)

Tuesday: Dad made a preparation for the Turkey we would make the Next day

Wednesday: CHRISTMAS DAY!!! Made a Turkey (Funny because it was Dads Birthday but he was the one making the turkey) My Cousins slept over because their was a storm outside and it was cold.

Thursday: Wake-up in the Morning and I'm feeling very cold, OH I FORGOT TO WRITE: BOXING DAY!!!!!! We went to Dixie Mall! It was so warm and everyone was sweating. It was funny because once you take a step out you will become Frosty the Snowman. Any ways we had fun, we didn't buy as much. Then an Hour later my Cousins (not including my aunt and uncle) Wanted to sleep over. And I will admit I did have fun this Boxing year!

Friday: The day after BOXING DAY: I Wake-Up and go to Piano. Then we leave to go to Ajax. We watched frozen and had lots of fun. But no one but the younger kids liked it. (And when Olaf starts to melt (Olaf the snowman in Frozen) This little girl says "Why Olaf melting Mommy?" And everyone starts to laugh)

Then We (as in my family) slept over at my other cousins house! The one in Pickering

Saturday: Went to an Islamic Conference

Sunday: Went to Scarborough for an anniversary party (ate Iran food)

Tuesday: Potluck at my Family Friends house CELEBRATED NEW YEARS THERE!

Wednesday: New Years Day

Friday: Cousins came over

Saturday: School Prep

Sunday: School Prep


And I commented on Eiman (our class) And Shanmitha (69)

Well that's it for now!!!!

Niagara Falls Ice Sculpture!!!