Why I dont want an Older Sister...

Post date: Mar 17, 2014 7:26:41 PM

Many people say that they fell bad for me because I don't have an older sister. Then I say that if I don't feel bad for myself then I don't think you should feel bad for me. Now, the reason behind me not wanting a older sister is because of my Cousins. I love them and all but here's the story.

I have 2 sets of cousins. Both sets have 2 Girls (I feel like I'm in math class.) 1 of the 2 sets fight like crazy. I just cant stand it sometimes. I mean there sisters and they have to live with each other for approximately 3 more years (one of them is in 2nd year of University.) And, I don't want to have an older sister that fights with me like crazy. Its annoying.

Now lets talk about the second set of sisters. The older one is 18 and the younger one is as old as us (11 to be 12.) The older one tells the younger one what to do. (ex. Don't watch this movie its rated PG-13, Don't watch this movie we watched it 1000 times, Don't watch this movie it looks like its for teenagers) I just don't find it fair.

Now I know this blog was confusing and not every older sister is like this but well this is my bog and its my opinion so if you want don't want to read it don't but DONT JUDGE ME!!!!! No, I'm just joking. (that was so out of topic).