What I hate about Canada...

Post date: May 5, 2014 9:39:22 PM

Everyone loves Canada, and always talks about the Pros of living here. Its soo annoying! Why can’t we change for once? I mean don’t you people hate something’s about Canada? Well I hate many things about Canada and here are some of the things with reasons

1. Our movie ratings are way lower than the U.S ratings.- people say because in Canada we don’t get as influenced by movies to do bad things, but in the U.S they get influenced big time, but really anyone can do something bad because of a movie

2. When you go to America and someone asks “So, where in America are you from?” then you have to say I’m Canadian- don’t ask a question like that because it makes no sense and only people like you will ask that.

3. We HAVE to learn French- I’m bad at it and I just cant do it.

4. When we have bad news from the “Toronto Mayor” about how annoying he is being- he has to stop because Toronto represents Ontario and right now anyone will trade the Mississauga mayor for him

So, that’s just a nut shell of it because right now I don’t know what else I hate about Canada, but I’m sure that I wil think of some more when I publish this blog!

Stay tuned!!