My top 10 reasons why I hate Instagram...

Post date: Apr 22, 2014 10:56:10 PM

1. When people like their own pictures

2. When people use a lot of hashtags

3. When people ask for Shout-outs over and over again

4. Pictures of their food, home or other things no one cares about

5. Hackers (get your own account)

6. When the picture is to big so you have to cut someone out

7. Why do you need square photos?

8. People that follow you then don’t then do then don’t

9. Your account has only pictures of you

10. When people lie about filter

O.K so, this was personal and you might hate me, but at least I don’t 100% hate Instagram. Anyways, leave a comment below and I will surly think of something better later! After my 6 hour “nap”