My Inspiration (Blog #2)

Post date: Apr 15, 2014 11:16:01 PM

Dance!! Everyone thinks I'm weird because I like to dance, in my room with my door locked,(or closed) to any music, and to be honest it kind of scares me because I don't know anyone that dances to ANY song, even if they hate the artist, but here's my story.

It’s not long or short. I was board one day and I really didn't want to do anything, I didn't what to watch T.V, or go to sleep, or anything. So, I turned on the radio, and in 1 hour I feel asleep. Then, I wake up after an hour, and the radio is playing, and the song kept saying Hello, so yes the songs name was Hello!, and I started to dance. But, that was a year ago, and everyone called me a horrible dancer, so I promised myself that I would never dance again. Then, their was this new show called The Next Step, and it was all about dance. I feel in love with the show, and it inspired me to dance my head off.