My Inspiration (blog #4)

Post date: May 27, 2014 8:26:32 PM

No ones family is perfect, and nor is life. You know what, life is like a roller-coaster ride. Sometimes, you feel like life is perfect, and then your best friend betrays you. Then, no one trusts you or thinks your a Jinx's for some odd reason. But that's what LIFE is about, and Good Luck Charlie taught me that. Now, today I will show you 2 videos. 1 video of the show before it started, and one of the last episode, and you will see a big difference. Now, what inspired me was the video diaries, which were made with good care, and each and every video diary had a strong message.

1st Video: (introduces the cast as well)

Now if you heard Teddy at the very end you would have heard her say "Your Special family"

See no ones family is perfect, and this show may be no realistic, but it shows you that well. Everyone in the family went through tough situations but... theirs always a way out.

2nd Video:

Now Teddy is of to College and the show had to end so, this was the final video diary Teddy made and this not only applies to Charlie's family but it also applies to us, and our family.

Now, after this last video diary I kind of realized that my family is my life, and if I cant handle them, then what can I handle.