Movies I want in a movie... and what I dont want...

Post date: Apr 18, 2014 6:12:20 PM

I had nothing to talk about in this blog so I thought why not talk about what I want in a movie and what I don’t want in a movie, Oh and if you don’t know what letter I is it’s the letter: I

What I want:


· Make it an aww… movie, it make the audience like the movie

· Show passion


· Make use laugh

· Use funny and famous people (Billy Crystal) and for the people that don’t know him I put a picture of him at the end

What I don’t want:


· Don’t copy Bollywood because they suck at these things (no offence, but there good at comedy- hardly ever)

· Don’t use people that don’t know how to act


· Don’t force use to laugh because that shows that you know it’s not funny

· Don’t make Romeo and Juliet and expect use to laugh at the dumb jokes

So, that’s it!! Hope you enjoy and remember to comment below!!!