My Inspiration (Blog #3)

Post date: Apr 28, 2014 12:04:31 AM

Jordan Clark! Ever heard of her? Well, you have now. The winner of the 4th season of so you think you can Dance: Canada!!! She is an acro dancer, who is also known as Giselle from The Next Step! Here’s my story!

I was board at home and I was done all my homework and everything, so the last choice I had was to watch TV. so I did, and the first thing I saw was so you think you can dance: Canada! I thought it was boarding so I never watched it again. Then, a few days later I went to my cousin’s house and the only show she wanted to watch was so you think you can dance: Canada. After 5 minutes I was really interested, and there you had it: Jordan Clark, doing her awesome dance. She was so inspiring it was amazing; I mean she just danced not caring what people said about her! She was amazing. That night after I left all I could think about was Jordan and how amazing she was!

Then after that every day I watched a new episode, and at the end she just had to win, she is amazing!

I was inspired and I started to dance only because of her!